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1. Membership Management System

Membership Management System - Chamber Management System (CMS) is built to be the last CMS your organization will ever need! When you choose Chamber Nation as your Chamber Management system solution, you get a platform capable of running your entire business. With Chamber Nation, you are not just buying a leading edge CMS application, you are gaining access to the world’s most powerful CMS platform.

Key Benefits of the Chamber Management System
  • Enables anywhere, anytime operations 
  • Includes world-class membership tools
  • Incorporates hundreds of modules and beautiful mobile app functionality
  • Modules and apps work with Chamber Nation and client websites 
  • Encompasses the most expandable industry solutions
  • Delivers excellent self-service economic development tools

2. Premium Membership Plans

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A Chamber of Commerce Member-Only Option
  • Did you know that the Chamber of Commerce is the most trusted source for local information and typically ranks high on search engines?
  • Did you know that the Chamber of Commerce is the “Official Area Network” for your community and offers its members a chance to become part of this network to improve prospect generation?

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realize how much value there is in becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Today, the Chamber is expanding its value proposition by offering a new Premium Membership Plan that adds even more to an already excellent value.


3. New Revenue Generation

The Chamber Growth Club is offerred to our Chamber Nation customers who are looking for professional consulting services on how to setup a repeatable recruiting system for new members. If relevancy and membership development is what you are looking for then we suggest you join the Chamber Nation Growth Club.

4. Improved Retention Strategies

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Chamber Nation was originally designed as a combined membership management AND membership development system. For this reason we have developed many support services and tools for our customers' members to access. When a member is handled with a great deal of respect, experiences a terrific on-boarding process, and sees results from their membership presence they renew their membership. 

5. Greater Relevancy Everyday

Relevency is in the eye of the beholder, but one thing is for sure... Members like to know that the Chamber of Commerce is promoting their business. Therefore, we go to great lengths here at Chamber Nation to be sure your members see the power of their membership.  We continue to develop networks to expand the success of your members.  

6. Better Overall Results

Our mission is to provide you with incredible support and education so that you can always get the very most from your Chamber Nation subscription. One way we provide outstanding service is to create a personal relationship with our customers. Dr. Nielsen leads our support and educational center because he truly cares about every customer we have. 

Your Single Source, All-Encompassing Solution

When looking for a technology solution for your chamber, you want more than just a company that provides a website and hosting, and more than a company that provides a website, hosting, and member management. And that’s why we are your solution –We provide a complete Membership Development System, exclusive to Chamber Nation, which includes a website, hosting, membership management, member benefits and support system, revenue generation and ad system, as well as an integrated mobile app and publishing system.

In addition, we provide incredible support for Chamber Executives, Staff, and even your members. With our U.S. Based support team, which has helped us win multiple Chamber Awards, we are here to meet your needs and provide you with the best service possible.

Chamber Nation is the company that can pull the pieces together to build and support Chamber membership, assist member businesses in increasing revenue, and providing the technology to build a strong local economy.