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by Chamber Nation on Wednesday December 19, 2012


Are you looking for a terrific tool you can use to help recruit new members into your Chamber of Commerce? If so be sure to visit or download to your iPhone, iPad or Android Phone or Tablet by searching “ChamberME”. Once you install it you can easily explain the value and rich history of the Chamber of Commerce.

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by Chamber Nation on Wednesday December 19, 2012


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by ChamberTechBlog on Monday September 17, 2012


Technology is slowly but surely changing just about everything in our lives, especially how we work. These days, most employees not only do a large amount of their work on a computer, but many work remotely, learn new skills in online courses, and even find jobs via social sites and web-based job hunts. All of these things must be managed and developed through those working in human resources, and over the past few decades technology has had a pretty profound effect on how these departments operate. Read on to learn more about the impact of the latest technologies on human resources that could just change how you get hired, learn job skills, access business information, and even use the Internet in your off time.


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by ChamberTechBlog on Thursday August 16, 2012

YouTube – You know that site with videos and all. Yeah! It turns out that its quite popular and you happen to visit and use it quite often. Instead of just searching and playing here are some top Youtube URL tricks that you should know about:



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by ChamberTechBlog on Wednesday August 15, 2012

iClipART Website for Chambers of Commerce

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by Chamber Nation on June 21st, 2012

Asia-Pacific is leading a surge in the use of mobile devices as they play a more central role in people's lives and are on track to replace conventional computers, a top Google executive said Wednesday.

Aliza Knox, managing director of commerce for Google Asia Pacific, said smartphones and tablets were now becoming the primary means to access the Internet in the region, adding that the US firm was making preparations to respond to that.

"Asia has an insatiable appetite for mobile," she told a forum at the CommunicAsia telecom fair in Singapore.

Four regional economies -- Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and South Korea -- already have higher smartphone use rates than the United States, Knox said.
She added that 74 percent of searches in Singapore are now done on mobile gadgets while in Indonesia 78 percent of Internet users go online with a tablet or smartphone.
In Japan, a person has an average 45 apps on his or her mobile phone, with South Koreans coming next at 42 -- compared with 23 in the United States, according to Knox.
By 2015, one in two people in the world using the Internet will be in Asia, and in the region a person's first experience online will likely be on a mobile.

"Asia is ahead, Asia is taking this up faster than other places," she said.
Knox also cited global research showing "most people" keep at least one mobile device within three feet and check them an average 40 times a day.

One in four take it to the bathroom and two in three sleep them beside the bed.
"We're engaging with media so much more because these devices are with us at all times, they are the centre of our lives," she said.

Mobile devices are also increasingly being used to watch videos and play games, with many electronics giants such as Sony and Nintendo having to respond as they see sales of their consoles slow.

Knox urged companies to be ready for the surge in mobile usage in Asia, noting that Google hired 600 people in the region this year and invested $700 million to establish new data centres.
"We see unprecedented mobile growth, phenomenal demand for products and media, strong network support and a myriad of services becoming available -- a new role for the mobile device at the centre of people's lives," she said.


by Chamber Nation on Monday May 14, 2012


Schedule Chamber of Commerce appointments, accept pre-payments, send reminder alerts, update social networks, update personal calendars, create promotions, create discount coupons, manage, and grow virally. See all features »

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by Chamber Nation on May 14th, 2012

By Pam Dyer On May 12, 2012

If you manage a website, you know the importance of search engine rankings. Since more than 90% of all online traffic is driven by search results, search engine optimization can be vital to businesses. If your site appears on the first page of Google results, it can make a huge difference in brand recognition, sales, and your bottom line.

But there’s more to harnessing Google’s search algorithm than simply optimizing your site with keywords and meta descriptions. Social media activity is becoming increasingly important in organic search results. Google’s Social Search taps into your social networks to determine the people you trust and makes sure that you see content from them in your search results.

What is social media’s impact?

The folks at TastyPlacement, an SEO and digital design firm in Texas, wanted to find out. They created 6 websites figuratively based in 6 U.S. cities of similar size. The websites were all in the same niche and had domain names that included the city name and the specific home service, like “www.City-Home-Service”. Ten months later, the 6th site was used as a control and sites 1-5 were promoted using only 1 social media outreach initiative, each with the goal of increasing:

Facebook shares and likes
Followers of a site’s Google+ Business Page
Google +1 votes for the website
Tweets and retweets
Twitter followers
Google+ wins!

Though the study wasn’t statistically ideal, it showed that social media has a measurable impact on Google organic search results, with Google properties impacting the websites’ organic search rankings the most.

Increasing the number of Google+ Business Page followers yielded the biggest change in position: +14.63
Tactics to grow the number of Google +1 votes also paid off: +9.44
Facebook promotion finished in the middle at +6.9
A better Tweet and retweet strategy resulted in +2.88
Focusing on getting more Twitter followers came in last and actually decreased search rankings: -1.22.
The control site, which had no social media activity around it, didn’t experience any meaningful change: -0.11
What you should do

Even though this study was small, it has significance. It’s logical that Google properties would be favored in Google search results, though the company would have us believe otherwise. Please refer to my last post, Using Google+ for Business, to take a look at the platform’s advantages.

If you’re just starting out with social media marketing, it makes sense to begin with a couple of small initiatives and go from there. Add a Google +1 button to your website and blog and set up a Google Business Page. Use social media campaigns and other messaging that encourages people to give you +1s and become one of your Google followers.
If you’re already using multiple social media outlets to market your company, try focusing more on Google +1 than on the other platforms you’re using and measure the results.


by Chamber Nation on Wednesday April 25, 2012

What a great way to expand the reach of your Chamber ‘s story through social media like Storify.  Give it a spin we here it is really good!









  • Storify helps its users tell stories by curating social media.
  • We launched our private beta as a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt in September 2010, and won the Startup Accelerator at South by Southwest in 2011. Our public beta went live in late April 2011.
  • We’re based in San Francisco in a newly remodeled loft office in the heart of the city.

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by Chamber Nation on Tuesday April 10, 2012

CountDown Timer is a unique interactive gadget for displaying time left to important public celebrations, corporate events, Chamber of Commerce events or personal holidays: birthdays, website launch, upcoming trips, memorable days, etc.

CountDown Timer has several easily customizable skins that will suit any website design. The multitude of options allows setting any event time and fitting CountDown appearance for your website.

Editing CountDown Timer has never been so easy! All you need is to set the parameters in a simple admin panel provided in the package.


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by Chamber Nation on March 15th, 2012

Broadcast Ads
The membership organizations that commonly implement the Location Carousel system rank very high on search engines. Once people reach these sites through Google™ and Bing™ they have access to research tools which incorporate member ads.

Broadcasting through this program will deliver member ads through the Area Search Engine©, posted onto the organization website, through official mobile apps and through the members own Traffic Catcher System.

Broadcast News
Members of these participating organizations are provided with 'special' access to become trusted news commentators for both community information, photos and their own business updates.

This information will instantly stream through the Members News Network typically posted on the official community website.  In addition it streams through the Chamber Social Network / Member Business Network / College Business Network and to public viewers using the official community mobile applications.

Another great feature is that members who use this system may use the integrated 'Multi-Post' system to broadcast their news and special offers into FaceBook, LinkedIN, Twitter and the Member News Network with ONE CLICK.

Broadcast Photos
Photos play a very important part in not only promoting a community, but also for businesses as well.

Members are able to instantly contribute photos for the Member News Network that potential tourists or prospects will see to help build local community commerce.

Photos can be taken instantly on mobile devices (phones / tablets) and then electronically posted to various areas of this network.

Areas where mobile photos are accepted:
Members News Network
Coupons / Special Offers
Member Profile
Classified Ads
Business Photo Tours

by Chamber Nation on Friday March 02, 2012

Chambers of Commerce who want to make sure that their websites are compatible with Pinterest might want to read this article.


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by Chamber Nation on February 10th, 2012

Good Friday to Everyone:

I hope you will excuse me for talking so much about mobile services, but it is truly an opportunity for the Chamber of Commerce to dramatically expand the value proposition of membership and potential going forward. Why? Because the mobile world is moving a whole lot faster than you might realize. The Chamber is perfectly positioned to be the provider of this technology, guidance and already has the support in place (US) that so many of your members need today. If it's the mobile tools we provide to your members for FREE, or the extension they can purchase it all results in excellent solutions for your members and the community. The more members rely on the Chamber for their promotion the higher your retention rates will be.

Seemingly most Chamber of Commerce executives agree with me when I say its no longer about the number of parking spots available in the community for shopping, but how much of the community is online and competing for commerce?

There is way too much technology, but way too little guidance or support for most people when it comes to this subject. The Chamber of Commerce with our help, has what I believe to be the BEST USA support team anywhere... not because of our size, but because we honestly care about our customers and their members. We also get their questions answered quickly and are sure to make them happy.... at least almost all of them.

The mobile opportunity in front of you today is hard to explain, but we know that any Chamber that adopts a mobile publishing system as their own today, takes the leadership position to help the ENTIRE COMMUNITY compete online. There is no doubt it will absolutely help the Chamber prosper in the future. The analysts say businesses deciding to go mobile is estimated to be larger than the 1995 rush for websites. So its obvious that the Chamber of Commerce can play a highly important roll is this process.... inter-connecting everything local is far more powerful that everyone going at it alone with no manster plan.

It's not about the website or mobile app... it is about an organization (like yours) taking the lead and saying we are going to make sure the vast majority of our community is online for commerce and positioned on every major platform.

We launched a new website today we hope will help explain the potential you now have already in place. Although most of you already have what is shown on this website, the way we have positioned it to work for you, staff, members and the community is rather unique and should help explain why you should say yes to the Location Carousel growth plan.

Please view and then let us know if you would like to move forward with a formal mobile publishing system. We will set you up for training and we'll help you order your Chamber Intelligence app so you can launch.

I will be creating new mobile strategy classes for you and your members so that you will not only have the technology and support, but also the strategy to get the very most out of the program.

Please view: to learn more.

Have a nice weekend and thank you for your time.

Richard Scully - 855-Add-Members Ext. 701

CLICK HERE to see the first customer commercial who now has the LOCATION CAROUSEL program in place.

by Chamber Nation on Friday February 10, 2012

App Player

BlueStacks App Player lets you run your Android apps fast and full screen on Windows PCs and tablets.

Alpha testing recently ended, but you can sign up to be a beta tester. Join people in more than 100 countries who are using BlueStacks to run apps like Pulse, Advanced Task Killer and Alchemy full screen.

We’re always working to improve so let us know any suggestions you have that could make BlueStacks better.

Cloud Connect

Sync Android Apps from your phone or tablet to BlueStacks using our Cloud Connect mobile app.

Your apps will be stored on your own personal Cloud Connect App Channel as seen in this video. Download it now from the Android Market here.

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by Chamber Nation on February 10th, 2012

Don't imagine it anymore... its here and available today.

Read all about it at:

by Chamber Nation on January 25th, 2012

We are really excited the announce that today we have formally launched a new, ADVANCED Chamber of Commerce mobile application in Fenton Missouri. This is produced by Chamber Nation and is called "Chamber Intelligence". This new mobile framework will alow us to product mobile automation that converts the Chamber Nation system into a full blow Chamber Publshing System.

It is available now for Android phones and soon on iPhone / Blackberry devices.


by Chamber Nation on January 12th, 2012

The latest Chamber Nation mobile app is called Chamber Intelligence for a very good reason. It is a fully interactive mobile application that begins to take Chamber of Commerce management mobile. Executives can access important reports, view member details, add a prospect, edit profiles, view member trends and much more.

Members can update parts of their community advertising, TCS page information, create / edit coupons, chamber daily deals, post to the chamber social network right from their phone.

Public will find valuable information on the community and the members easily through our newly updated mobile member directory, calendars and more. Visitors can even use their phone to create reminders to events and quickly share deals and members ads to others.

Chamber Nation customers will soon see this option added to the
in February at an affordable price point so all can afford the transistion to mobile technologies.

by Chamber Nation on December 5th, 2011

Are Your Items Made in the United States?
Chamber of Comerce members around the country are connecting and displaying their USA made products through the Buy Local Program automation. When they post and select "Made in USA" then their items are added to this resource guide automatically.

Businesses who would like to display their products and services here at no charge are encouraged to join a participating Chamber of Commerce.

Call 1-855-233-6362 to request the location of a Chamber closest to your location.

by Chamber Nation on December 5th, 2011

by Chamber Nation on November 16th, 2011

Every business today can benefit from having a smart mobile strategy.

It starts with covering both marketplaces and thats INCLUDED too!

Easy Dashboard

When we say easy we really mean easy. It's even easier when our team sets the whole program up for you.

We don't sacrifice the advanced services Chamber of Commerce members need to promote their businesses locally, and via the most popular mobile marketplaces.

Chamber Search Engine

National search engines lead people to Chambers of Commerce thousands of times a day.

People typically use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask to find information on a local community. It's critical that Chamber Member businesses are optimized locally to take advantage of this traffic.